Porimoni sick: heroine Apu

Porimoni sick: heroine Apu

Porimoni sick: heroine Apu
Feb 14

The sick, the heroine Apuasabha was all right, the date of the date was announced. The invitation for the porimoni has reached the address of the guests. But two days before the ceremony, it was known that porimoni is not acting in the film. As an excuse, he is ill. Apu Biswas, who was away from the film for a long time, got the opportunity to play the heroine of the film. Director Rafiq Sikder confirmed that he is going to start the film with Apu.

Chandrabati on the name of this photo of Apu signed up Director Rafiq Sikder. On February 14, Valentine's Day will be held on February 14.

Rafiq Sikder said, Parimoni told me she was sick. So be forced to leave the picture. Since everything is final, so look for the heroine quickly. Apu has talked with faith. He agreed. An agreement with him has also been done.

The work of the Chandrabati film will start in April. Opu Biswas in the movie opposite to Simon. Apu Biswas started acting in big screen on Thursday morning in the morning. And after seven years, in the year 2012, the journey of Simon began with G-Huzur.

Director Rafiq Sikder said that our film's hero Simon Sadiq The familiar face of this time, he is doing a picture after another. All in all I think, that would be a nice job.

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