Women's faces and bodies have hair like men, so these reasons can be

Women's faces and bodies have hair like men, so these reasons can be

Women's faces and bodies have hair like men, so these reasons can be
Mar 04

Nature has made the woman different from men on many levels. There is a difference between the physical abilities of a man and woman, so many hormones in their body are different. Similarly, some special organs of women and men have been given different capacities, on which basis we can differentiate between men and women such as pregnancy, monthly cycle etc. Apart from the internal changes in the body, there are some external changes in both that help identify the woman and the male.
Like women, puberty begins to develop in the breasts, whereas men's chest does not change much. Likewise, men's faces begin to have a shave-whisker while it usually does not come on women's faces. But due to some hormonal changes in many situations, hair starts moving like men on the face and body of women.
In many women, they are so few that they know only when they see them, whereas in some women they are so thick, dense and big that they are understood only from a distance. The same symptoms in women's body are called Hersutism.
There are usually small faces on women's faces, chest and back, but men's faces have beard-whiskers and chest and hair in the back. Hersuitism is a condition in which women like to have hair, chest, chest and back in the same way as men. Hair due to Hersutism is usually darker rather than light color. Our body has a special hormone called as androgens.
In men, this hormone level is very high and this is responsible for all the qualities and changes of masculinity. While women have a very small amount of it in the body and usually it is in a depressed state. Many times due to some hormonal changes, the level of this androgens increases in women's bodies and they start to experience symptoms like men. Apart from normalizing hair, as well as increasing the level of androgens, many other problems can be seen in women as well,
Upper lip, lower jaw, neck, stomach and chest, hair follicles in the anus and thighs
Breast size is very small
Too much acne on the face
Chlorites grow
Heavy noise

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