This little mistake made in the film wedding, no one has noticed

This little mistake made in the film wedding, no one has noticed

This little mistake made in the film wedding, no one has noticed
Mar 04

Bollywood actor Rajkumar Rao has been doing films for some time in which he has to make a lot of concerts in order to get his bride or else the bride gets out of his hands. The example of which will be sister Barry of Teri and Bareilly. Most of his films are also based in Uttar Pradesh. There is also something like this about coming to the wedding. A lot of things seem to be repetitive in the film and it gives realization that we have seen this story somewhere
Although Ratna Sinha has picked up a good concept but the film seems to be very stretched and boring. In a scene of the film, when both artists are taking cuff in the restaurant, there is a man in the Pink Shirt behind Rajkumar Rao, And if there is a focus, then it disappears, but such a camera turns towards Kharati Kharbanda, that this person can see it again.
The society is not coming whether it is a person or a ghost. The story of coming to a film wedding is about marriage. The story is about Rajkumar Rao and Kristi Kharbanda. Rajukamar is a clerk and the masterpieces of the work are to become big officers. Then both meet and fall in love. But to fulfill his dreams, one day he takes such a step that all are surprised and the whole existence of the prince is shaken.

After some time, the path of prince and master works again but they are very much ahead. Rajkumar Rao is the master in acting. They have done a better job here too. But like every film, this film has also got a mistake. Today, we are going to tell you that this small mistake in the film wedding must not be seen by anyone. And even a small number of small ghalatia has happened in this movie. To find out, in this video
When a kirti is running in a scene in the movie, there is no one behind it, but as she turns back, a man and a woman come behind her, but as soon as the man disappears, the camera comes in front of itself. . It looks as though nowadays the ghosts are working in films

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