Nokia's Four G-Banana phone is coming

Nokia's Four G-Banana phone is coming

Nokia's Four G-Banana phone is coming
Mar 04

HMD Global unveils another feature phone from Nokia Nokia 8110 has been brought back as a retro classic. In 1999, the phone was originally released by Qianu Reeves in the movie Matrix. News International News
There is still no announcement of when the phone of the Four G-feature will come to India's market. However, it may be thought that this phone may come in the market in May. Nokia 8110 price 79 euros However, the price of the Indian market has not yet opened yet. It is believed that the price of the phone will be around the price of international market. The phone can be found in yellow and black - these two colors. The device is called 'Banana Phone' due to a bend-like design and yellow color.
Smart Feature OS will run on Nokia's Banana Phone. It does not have any Android app, but a separate app store is made for the device. Along with LTE support, the Qualcomm 205 mobile platform processor, 512 MB RAM and four GB storage will be available on the device. The 2.4-inch QVGA screen has two megapixel cameras. Once the full charge is running 25 days the device will be there.

Nokia 8110 will be launched in the market in May this year.

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