A great app for mathematics, a photo shoot solution.

A great app for mathematics, a photo shoot solution.

A great app for mathematics, a photo shoot solution.
Mar 04

Today I will discuss with 1 app that I was also very surprised at myself. Suppose you were sitting in the algebra, but giving a point in the creative question that the solution is not in your guide or maybe you did not buy the guide. And if someone says that if you just put one picture of your question, I will solve it.
If you have taken a picture of the question of jest and immediately after getting a step by step solution, then how is it with a graph? This action will give you a little App 1.

And if you use this app you will not have to see the guide in all areas. Take a picture of mathematical questions and get answers as well, and you will get a step-by-step analysis of how the papers are done. App name Photomath
And I show you how to work with it through a small video




I've seen that in the video

But hopefully you will be able to get the solution of any of the algebra segments as well. Not all topics were shown to keep the video deterrence low, but once you learn how to use the app, you can get rid of any math solution. In some cases, the App Camera may not understand some of the questions you have handled, and in that case how to fix it is shown on the video.
To this day, if you get a response, I will be present with a better education app. This is my first post in this blog, if I am wrong then forgive me.

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