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Your cheeks right pinkish glow

Your cheeks right pinkish glow

Published By: 24newsmedia
Your cheeks right pinkish glow
Mar 28

Fair complexion:Give a healthy flush look by applying a shade of pink which is closest to your skin tone. Just a sweep on the apples of the cheeks is enough to add colour.
Wheatish complexion:A hint of coral tones in the pink blush will lift the look. Apply a sweep of light pink blush on the cheeks and then add a bit of bright coral pink only on the apples of the cheek.
Dusky complexion:A pink blush blended with a coral shade bordering on orange will do the trick. Apply a light pink on the cheeks and add an orange toned blush on the apples of the face. Alternatively, you can also go with a blush that is magenta in colour for the apples.

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