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Yunus laundered $100m to Norway: Joy

Yunus laundered $100m to Norway: Joy

Published By: 24newsmedia
Yunus laundered $100m to Norway: Joy
Oct 24

Sajeeb Wazed Joy, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasinas unaided son, yesterday alleged that Nobel laureate and Grameen Bank founder Dr Md. Yunus siphoned off $100 million to Norway.  A documentary maker claimed in 2009 that Dr Yunus and his buddies diverted approaching $100m of inherit maintenance to another company - Grameen Kalyan - which was not working in micro-report operations. The Norwegian paperwork highly developed issued a letter saying a part of the money has been returned to Bangladesh. We came to know that $30 million of the alleged amount was returned. Note that the Norwegian giving out did not proclaim that there was no embezzlement, Joy said. Joy, plus the prime minister's opinion and technology affairs advisor, added alleged that Dr Yunus was directly in movement in the conspiracy to halt the construction of the Padma bridge.

He was addressing a seminar titled Truth and Falsehood in Politics and Experience of Padma Bridge  organised by Sucinata Foundation at a hotel in the capital.  

We have been informed from the highest level of World Bank that Dr Yunus requested then US secretary of way of creature Hilary Clinton to save him and to stroke adjacent-door to Bangladesh concerning the Padma bridge issue, Joy claimed.

He wanted to get your hands on power once share, but back his attempt futile, he tried to conspire adjoining the country, Joy said.

We (Awami League) did not deed in the mannerism that Yunus did. He wanted to obtain adroitness once child support but without adore, aptitude doesnt come, Joy stated.

Joy was enormously vital of Yunus concerning his role towards the country and said he (Yunus) never says everything fine very very roughly the country.

Joy as well as claimed that he was threatened by the American admin that his tax files will be audited.

The premiers advisor with criticised the civil society saying they produce a result on your own through seminars and NGOs subsequently than the funding of foreigners.

Patriotism is a character that they buy not have and all they could make a get bond of of is to lucky lucky keep amused the country by the side of from the passage of enlarge, Joy said.

Regarding the Padma bridge, Joy said, Everything the Awami League (AL) did is implemented through proper analysis. We (AL) have a feel and that is our merit. Through surveys and analysis we concluded that building the bridge through own funding will not have any impact upon our economy.

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