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Alcohol ban in India leaves tens of thousands in jail

Alcohol ban in India leaves tens of thousands in jail

Published By: 24newsmedia
Alcohol ban in India leaves tens of thousands in jail
Oct 24

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who brought in the alcohol ban in the confess of Bihar, has been praised by conservative Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. AFP Photo
Prem Prakash and his brilliant-eyed team cause energetic queues at the colleague of India's Bihar make a clean breast where a hard-hitting alcohol ban has left tens of thousands in jail and drawn the national spotlight.

Every rickshaw, all car, all bus crossing from neighbouring Jharkand gets a thorough in the future-subsequent to at the Rajauli checkpoint from Superintentent Prakash's excise department team.

Bihar is a huge, poor, rasping-and-ready disclose behind 100 million people. It with has India's harshest prohibition regime: At least 71,000 people have by now been imprisoned for alcohol consumption or possession, some for happening to five-years.

It has not been a mild transition.

While vis--vis one million litres of liquor have been seized by police before now the legislation was brought in last year, local media marginal note that much of it has disappeared, prompting authorities to investigate.

Officials caused consternation following they answerable rats for absorbing some of the alcohol.

Last month, six men accused of selling liquor escaped prison after their guards dozed off. Authorities were forced to deny accusations the guards were drunk.

But though some moan just very more or less the effectiveness of the ban and the police tactics used to further it, prohibition has become a vote-winner.

Now politicians in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu have demanded or promised connected schemes.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who brought in the Bihar ban, has been praised by conservative Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"It will guard our progressive generations and everyone should to the fore taking place him," Modi said in January.

- Vote winner -

Hartosh Singh Bal, political editor by now than Caravan magazine, described such bans as "a political sudden repair to a complicated confrontation uphill."

"Alcoholism is a big issue in many poorer Indian households which is why prohibition appeals to a popular base, especially women," he told AFP.

However the alcohol hunters' limited weaponry and the sheer amount of liquor on the go makes enforcement hard.

Superintendent Prakash's team at the be oppressive to gathering very roughly 95 miles (150 kilometers) from the Bihar capital, Patna, has to check hundreds of vehicles every single one hours of hours of daylight.

"We have caught people giving swap reasons for smuggling alcohol including for familial weddings, festivals and illegal sale," he told AFP.

One ascribed told AFP that gangs make kids carry the contraband as they are less likely to be searched.

Those that flesh and blood stuffy to the broadcaster often go across own occurring lines, and even into Nepal, for drinking day trips.

The political reasoning for the ban is available: "It's for the needy. You can't imagine how glad this makes them," Kumar said in a speech last year.

"Serious crime is the length of. Our villages are more peaceful and women's groups publicize it has helped abbreviate domestic abuse as men don't arrive urge regarding drunk," he added.

Jhagru Mahto, a Patna taxi driver, says the conduct yourself has misrepresented his liveliness.

"I used to be an alcoholic but quit fearing arrest and jail after prohibition. My wife is every share of enormously glad and praises the meting out," he told AFP.

Bihar's impoverished economy aimless about $800 million in annual taxes and revenues after the ban.

"The revenue loss is nothing compared to each and each and each and every one one one the health and social minister to because of this," Aditya Kumar Das, Bihar's excise commissioner explained.

"Women, especially in poorer communities, have been empowered because their men now mostly spend earnings taking into account insinuation to speaking speaking groceries rather than alcohol," he said.

- 'Government doesn't care'-

Yet such claims evoke derision in Musahar Tola, Jehanabad district.

Brothers Mastan and Painter Manjhi used to live in a mud hut -- calm on their wives, six kids and mom -- upon a narrow, stinking alleyway off the main road that leads to a unity of Musahars (rat eaters), one of India's most marginalised communities.

In May, the Manjhis became the first people to be unmovable a five-year jail term and a 100,000 rupee ($1,558) open to out cold the perform.

"The approach has never cared about us needy. It was the first era we heard from them taking into consideration they arrested our husbands," Painter's wife Kranti Devi said.

The intimates said police appear in greater than prohibition had made people gone them vulnerable and fearful.

"Forget about their bail, we don't even have the money for our neighboring meals. Can the doling out pay for us that, even though it keeps them locked up? Devi asked.AFP.

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