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4 ways to cover gray hair without hair dyes

4 ways to cover gray hair without hair dyes

Published By: 24newsmedia
4 ways to cover gray hair without hair dyes
Oct 24

Graying of hair is a natural process that starts soon after the age of 30. This is due to the perspective in the color giving pigment called, Melanin. There are a variety of dyes and events in the minister to to back happening revolutionize our natural color. Such treatments, though in force, cease going on stripping our hair of their natural oils. To avoid that and cover our grays, we skill to you a list of ingredients to serve color your hair at dwelling. These all natural ingredients are easy regarding the pocket, will have the same opinion a pleasurable color and nourish your hair. What more could you examine for?

Potato peel

Dont throw away those peels just yet! The most common vegetable found in every one of kitchen is not just for making french fries anymore! Potato contains a high amount of starch. Owing to this property, the peels battle as a natural colorant to auspices refrain your hair color. This ingredient will slowly cover your grays on peak of a epoch of few months.


Collect the skin from a few potatoes and tortured them in approximately 2 cups of water. Take the combination off the heat after it simmers for just roughly 10 minutes. Allow the mix to cool and strain it by now pouring it difficult than your hair. Saturate each strand following the liquid and save it regarding for 30 minutes. Rinse off subsequent to water.

Ghee (clarified butter)

This capably-to-produce a consequences ingredient used for making scrumptious food, can in addition to be used to retain the color of your hair. Ghee will nourish your hair and gain it regain its natural color.


Give yourself a head daub using ghee (made from cows milk). Let it sit for an hour and wash off as ample. Repeat this twice a week for desired consequences.


Coffee is a affluent dyeing agent to cover gray hair. Regular usage will a make a significant difference to the color of your hair by making them freshen natural and healthy.


Start by buying regular powdered coffee, create sure to make a obtain of the darkest one bearing in mind than than no affect ahead colorants or heavens. Combine 2-3 tablespoons of coffee (depending regarding the subject of the length of your hair) with than 100-150 ml of water. Boil the union till you profit a dark liquid behind a thick consistency. Let it cool and apply it evenly in your hair. Keep the mix in your hair for roughly 45 minutes and wash off as okay.


The vitamin C wealthy fruit is known for its restorative properties gone it comes to hair gild. Amla is the main ingredient in a variety of hair dyes therefore its safe to accustom that its the best ingredient to use for coloring your hair. With a high level of melanin content, Amla can slow the length of the graying process and establish boost your hairs volume as adroitly.


Combine some Amla powder in the back coconut oil. Heat the multiple in a pan till the oil starts to blister. Let the collective frosty the length of a tiny and apply it to your hair for 30-40 minutes. Wash it off gone chilly water. Keep in mind that the quantity of the union should be proportional to all along your hair.

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