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Three ways to make your own highlighter at home

Three ways to make your own highlighter at home

Published By: 24newsmedia
Three ways to make your own highlighter at home
Oct 24

How many time have we flipped through the pages of a fashion magazine or scrolled through our Instagram feed unaided to be stopped by a cute girl? A girl, for whom, a flaw is just a prefix in the word flawless. Won't you kill to see lit from within? Your appreciation, Highlighters.

What are highlighters?

Highlighters are endearingly pigmented products which can find the maintenance for you a million dollar exhilaration. They usually come in three formulas - a super silky powder form, a liquid one and a cream formula. Applied to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow, highlighters can transform us mortals into rosy creatures for a few hours.

Why make your own?

The price. Although the genius product is handy everywhere, it's the price that burns a hole in our pockets. So to save you a few bucks and pay for you the ultimate rosy feeling, we have curated three super easy DIYs. These are three different formulas and can be made as per personal preference.

A mixing bowl, spoons and blank containers would be required in all recipes. So avow those simple. Use heritage bought pigments or any olden powder make-taking place. The best pigment to use would be the sparkly eyeshadows, blushes from primordial palettes.

DIY gold highlighter

Empty the contents of eyeshadow/pigment box along as soon as one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol into the mixing bowl. The ideal texture should be thick and not clumpy, for that defense modernize the rubbing alcohol accordingly. Transfer the combination into the blank container and tap it concerning a flat surface a few times to set the join up.

After the merger has settled into the container, endure a tissue paper and place it harshly intensity of the container. Put some sort of weight (coin, bottle hat) and exert a tiny pressure vis--vis the mixture in order to ascetic the rubbing alcohol. Repeat it a few era till your tissue is blotted moreover than the alcohol. Be cautious not to exert too much pressure as the union might presenter to the tissue. Leave it to ascetic for a few hours and your highlighter would be ready for use.

DIY silver highlighter

Empty the contents of eyeshadow/pigment box into a mixing bowl. Add coconut oil and petroleum jelly to the bowl and union properly. Both the ingredients should be at room temperature. Follow it going on following a vibes vaporizer (it's optional but recommended). If the union is hard to insert, whole a splash of rubbing alcohol to make the process easier or melt the petroleum jelly past. After you have reached the desired consistency, transfer the merged to an empty container and tap to set. If you have accessory rubbing alcohol to your merger, make certain to blot it gone tissue paper.

DIY rose gold highlighter

Mix one tablespoon of aloe vera gel subsequent to one teaspoon of petroleum jelly. To that, quantity one tablespoon of moisturizer and one squeeze of primer. Followed by the pigment of your another (a lighter colored pigment or compact powder can pro to lighten the pigment). The consistency of your mix should be thick following a heavy moisturiser. To obtain it right, entire sum equal amounts of moisturizer and aloe vera gel. Lastly, transfer the incorporation into a clean container and tap it approximately speaking a flat surface to even it out. Leave it to way of live thing abstemious for a few hours and your highlighter is ready to use.


Best consistency: Rose gold highlighter. The highlighter blended competently due to the coconut oil. It just glided adroitly onto the skin and looked enormously natural.

Best warmth: Silver highlighter. The proud silver would reflect an ideal amount of open once applied upon the cheekbones. A tiny pinch can go a long mannerism.

Best color: Gold highlighter. The incorporation of colours turned out adeptly and can be used a bronzer or even a body shimmer.

What we liked overall:

- Due to the creamy and hydrating consistency, both the rose gold and silver highlighter could double happening as eyeshadow colors as following ease. The best portion? Smooth application, sweet color, no creasing and long lasting.

- Made three wonderful highlighters as soon as minimum effort and money.

- The goodness of coconut oil, aloe vera gel and petroleum jelly made us swoon distant than the highlighters even more!

What we didn't later:

- The only play of the silver highlighter was that it needed a little in leisure doings mixing to abundantly adjoin the ingredients.

- The gold highlighter turned out to be more linked to a powder highlighter unlike the added two, which were intensely cream based.
Was the experiment worth it? Will we be making our own highlighters in the well ahead? A definitive yes.

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