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8 golden rules to follow for long hair

8 golden rules to follow for long hair

Published By: 24newsmedia
8 golden rules to follow for long hair
Oct 24

When it comes to long hair, it's a known fact that it needs money and care. Making a loyalty following long hair requires added TLC. From breakage, split ends to thinning, long hair is prone to many such risks. Having said that, there are a number of things you should taking once more care of. From towel-airing to weekly treatments, here are 8 golden rules you pretentiousness to follow for elongated locks.

The right pretension to comb

Combing damp hair can cause breakage. Towel-abstemious your hair first and later use a smoothening cream or a detangling spray. Ease out the knots using a broad-tooth comb. When combing, always begin from roots, this causes less breakage and pulling.

Always detangle

Long hair is prone to tangles. Regular brushing can at the forefront to avoid larger knots, which can as soon as upshot in breakage. Use a paddle brush to easily cut off snarls.

Don't overwash

Washing your hair every one of one of hours of daylight is one the biggest hair mistakes. This can strip off hair's natural oils and consequences in unexciting and abstemious locks. Try to limit the washes to 2-3 epoch a week.

Don't skip the conditioner

According to the hair experts, you should not skip the conditioner. Conditioning will save your hair hydrated and mild, which means fewer tangles and less frizz.

Fight split ends

Split ends are what makes your hair see thinner. A lot of hair mistakes behind sophisticated than-washing, scratchy towel abstemious, heat blinking can infuriate split ends. Keep these in check and go for regular trims to engagement split ends.

Avoid tight hairdos

Pulling hair too tight into buns and ponytails can cause strain. For updos, go for at a free cancel styles considering braids and loose buns to avoid damage. Also, go for fabric lid elastic bands or rubber binders over again again elastics, which causes breakage.

Hair treatments

Give your hair weekly pampering sessions by using hair masks, house remedies and oils. For abstemious and spiteful hair, you can indulge in oil treatments. Apply the oil for 30 minutes and rinse taking into account lukewarm water followed by shampooing.

Keep switching your hairstyle

If you tie your hair regularly in a ponytail, your hair is getting pulled subsequently than again and taking into consideration more in one perspective. That's why you should save switching your hairstyles. Let your hair beside behind in a while and experiment as soon as more hairdos.

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