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Education for all to be ensured: PM

Education for all to be ensured: PM

Published By: 24newsmedia
Education for all to be ensured: PM
May 11

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said the government wants to ensure education for all as no nation can prosper without education.

"No nation can prosper without education. So, we'll ensure education for all," she said while receiving the results of Secondary School Certificates (SSC) at her official residence Ganobhaban.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid handed over the overall results of the SSC, while chairmen of different boards handed over their respective results.

Terming the country's children and youths as its future leaders, the Prime Minister said her government has taken numerous steps to provide modern education to them.

"This is the era of technology, why Bangladesh should lag behind, we want the children to adopt modern technology to make them worthy citizens of the world," she said.

Describing the various steps taken by the government for spreading education, Sheikh Hasina said there is no reason to fail in examinations as the government is providing huge opportunities to the students for their proper studies.

She urged the students, guardians and teachers to avail of the opportunities created by the government for development of education and give proper attention to education.She said the government has constituted a trust fund to provide financial support to the students up to higher education level. "We want to provide modern education to our children through introducing multimedia system in classrooms."The Prime Minister said the government has attached topmost importance to technical and vocational education for their market demand. "The scholarship facilities that we have given to the students are unparalleled in the world."

She said the government has also given importance to teachers' training to make them capable to provide modern education to their students.Hasina said her government has also made religious education mandatory at school level to ensure ideal growth of the future generation.


"Religious education is essential for complete education," she said.Congratulating the successful students, the Prime Minister said, "The pass rate has marked a rise, though some students couldn't come out successful.


"Our children are meritorious. So they cannot fail in examinations."Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid, education secretary Sohrab Hossain and chairmen of the education boards and senior officials were present.The Prime Minister talked to some students, teachers and officials of Jhalakati and Panchagarh districts from district administration offices through video conference

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