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US cannot yet confirm ISIL link to Dhaka hostage

US cannot yet confirm ISIL link to Dhaka hostage

Published By: 24newsmedia
US cannot yet confirm ISIL link to Dhaka hostage
Jul 02

The US State Department has said that it “cannot yet confirm” the ISIL link to the Dhaka hostage situation as the radical group reportedly has claimed the responsibility of the attack.

The Middle-East based group also claimed that they have killed over 20 people in the attack at the Holey Artisan Bakery in the heart of the Gulshan diplomatic zone. Police operations are underway as at least 20 people are believed to have been taken hostage.

The Department of State Spokesperson, John Kirby, in a statement condemned the attack and said they were “assessing” information available to them regarding the attack.

He said there was no report of injuries of American citizens.

“We join with the people of Bangladesh in expressing our outrage at this brutal act of terrorism and offer our condolences to the friends and families of the victims, including Bangladeshi law enforcement officials who have been killed or injured responding to the attack.

“Our embassy in Dhaka has confirmed 100% accountability of all official American personnel with no injuries reported. We are working with the local authorities to determine if any US citizens and locally–employed staff were affected,” read the statement.

“On learning of the attack our embassy issued a shelter-in-place order. This order was issued out of caution, but at no time was the embassy compound itself under immediate threat from this attack.

“We are in ongoing contact with the Government of Bangladesh as the situation continues to unfold. We have offered our assistance in their efforts to bring to justice those responsible for these attacks and to combat terrorism and violent extremism,” the State Department said.

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