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Care of dry skin.

Care of dry skin.

Published By: 24newsmedia
Care of dry skin.
Aug 25

Age does not stop anymore. See the passed 30 years. Although the occasional facial, was not the time to go to the salon. The dry skin is more steady. Do not understand the situation. So, to escape domestic dry skin tips just for you.

After waking up in the morning with a good face cream or gel Wash. Faster than light cream or gel to massage the face with a wet cotton deleted.

Take cotton rose water off the mouth of the well. If you have a high SPF sunscreen in the morning to go out and apply. If the home can put a good moisturizer. Before returning home at night, do not clean the mouth.

Before going to sleep at night and set light to the face and neck narisim cream and a little massage. You can take a little water if necessary. Finally, to remove the face with a wet cotton. In addition, one or two days a week you can try phesa mask.

Honey, a little milk, and oil mixed together in the face can put. Wait 15 minutes and wash with water. You can apply at any time of the day. Milk, honey and oil from the skin, resulting in dry skin will reduce a lot of problems.

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