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Google Pixel Battery Problems – What to Do?

Google Pixel Battery Problems – What to Do?

Published By: 24newsmedia
Google Pixel Battery Problems – What to Do?
Jan 25

Google’s Pixel smartphones seem to struggle with serious battery problems. Many users around the world complained about this annoying issue. Today we show you some tips how your Google Pixel battery can last longer

How to Extend Google Pixel Battery Life

In 2016 the Galaxy Note 7 caused headlines with its faulty battery. Now, the Google Pixel suffers from a bad image, also due to battery problems. With a battery power of 25 – 35 percent, the smartphone is turning itself off, without any warning. Moreover, if you connect the smartphone to a charger, the charging just starts at 0 percent. Apparently, there is Google pixel battery problems only since the last software update. So, how to extend the battery’s life without buying a new phone?

First, you should get rid of unused apps on your Google Pixel. They take not only a lot of storage space, but also drain battery power because they are running in the background and consume on this way a lot of battery capacity. Surely, you have many apps that haven’t been used for weeks or even months. You should uninstall them because too many apps could even slow down the performance of your phone.

google pixel battery

Use Power-Saving Mode

With the Power-Saving mode, you can save quite a lot of battery life. It reduces the brightness of the display, optimizes the performance, and minimizes system animations. In addition, apps such as Mail do not load content in the background. However, you can still make calls, use mail and messages, surf the Internet, and more. And when your phone charges again, the power-saving mode turns off automatically.

google pixel battery

Download Battery Saving Apps

In app stores you can find tons of optimization apps which support your Google Pixel battery. You can download them there easily and for free. They can extend the battery life by 50 percent or more, provide higher speed loading programs and even more efficient storage space usage. Just try it out!

google pixel battery

Don’t Use Auto-Brightness

The Google Pixel has a display of 5 inches and the brighter the smartphone screen is, the more energy is consumed. Like other mobile devices, the Google Pixel is equipped with a large colorful display to give you a great experience while playing games, watching videos, etc. However, at the same time, the big screen also consumes a lot of battery power. So, to increase battery life, just reduce the screen brightness and turn of the auto brightness. It drains more power due to its adaptive function.

Google Pixel Battery

Last Option: Powerbank

If you are running here and there the whole day and don’t have time to charge your phone then it is better to buy a portable battery pack. It does not solve the Google Pixel battery problem, but it solves the problem of low battery power. In addition, a power bank is cheaper than buying a new smartphone. There are a lot cheap and good one, just have a look online or go to an electronics store.

google pixel battery


Those are the best tips to help you optimize your Google Pixel battery life. These tips will help your phone run faster and more smoothly. For more useful smartphone tips, follow our page!

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