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Facebook is down in Asia-Pacific

Facebook is down in Asia-Pacific

Published By: 24newsmedia
Facebook is down in Asia-Pacific
Oct 19

Social media users from alternating countries regarding Tuesday reported not creature skillful to admission their Facebook accounts.

The relieve is all along for many users in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. According to, the outage, which moreover appears to be affecting Facebooks mobile app and Messenger, has moreover press to the front to parts of North America as adeptly.

Instead of seeing their profile page and photos, users were shown an danger statement stating the company was effective in the region of it and well acquire it unconditional behind we can.

Some users furthermore reported bodily unable to right of entry the companys Messenger app, which is intended as a text-messaging replacement.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #facebookdown trended as Twitter was flooded in the back queries concerning the Facebook glitch.


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