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Eat whole life just how much lipstick women?

Eat whole life just how much lipstick women?

Published By: 24newsmedia
Eat whole life just how much lipstick women?
Apr 06

Two of the three types of wax, wool grija, NEITHER Petroleum’s not human food. Yet these women are eating bastugulokei niyemita. There is no special care about them and does not seem to. They know, they are eating inedible, but in spite of themselves are not enough of them to evacuate.

Lipstick object is not nothing. A study of 004 shares, that are available in the market lipastikei 8 percent of the chemicals, which are likely to be cancer. Lipastike about 10 thousand different types of chemicals used in the human body is not suitable for anything. The women use lipstick 3 days a week, they rose 40 percent chance of skin disease called lupus.

Cosmetics lipstick-renowned brands in the amount of lead that is above the danger level at a time. Just apply through the skin into the stomach, it is not that. Much of lipstick is ingested during eating or drinking.

Experts advise health-conscious form nyacarala to use cosmetics. But how it is possible, there is doubt.

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