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KONAD - The World of Nail Art and Much More

KONAD - The World of Nail Art and Much More

Published By: 24newsmedia
KONAD - The World of Nail Art and Much More
Apr 29

Despite the endless pile of workload that you may have throughout the day, we all need that one bit of relief, an activity to de-stress. And an undoubtedly great way to do so, especially for the creatively inclined, is 'nail art'. This fashionable and easy way of beautification has evolved over time and today, it is simpler than ever with a bunch of tools and kits available just a click away, on various online and cosmetics shops. However, like any true artist, an ardent nail art enthusiast will also search for that one-stop shop where you can find it all.
Fortunately enough, one fine day as I was window shopping through the lanes of the ground floor of Bashundhara city, I spotted this brightly decorated shop named 'F Trends', which can be slightly tricky to find on the first go but is definitely worth the hunt; it's a paradise for every nail art enthusiast out there.

By some stroke of luck, the owner Md Faruq was present that day and thus I had the brilliant opportunity of speaking with him. 

"When I quit my long term job in Korea, I wanted to do something out of the box," began Faruq. "Konad is incredibly popular abroad and seeing that this was an untapped industry with a potential to reach unfathomable heights, I established my business as one of the global distributors of this internationally famed brand back in 2005," he added reminiscing his early days. 

In his shop there is an immense variety of nail art/care products from mainly the Korean brand Konad. Everything offered on the official Konad website can be found here and all products are directly imported from Korea. Moreover, customers also have the liberty to choose their desired items off the website and order them at the shop.  

A large variety of nail polishes are available at the store with reliable testers and nail wheels which you can place on your nails to choose the right colour for your nails. The following are some of the Konad polishes which are always trending: 

Crackle - It's a simple base polish that gives a 'crackled' or shattered effect on your nails. There are 10 shades available at the shop and they cost Tk 475 each.   

Magnetic - Putting this on is quite interesting. Apply a coat of the magnetic polish and when it's dry, pull a magnet across the painted area; it gives an amazing swirly/ripple pattern to your nails. 7 shades of magnetic polish are available and cost the same as Crackle.

Macaroon - The best part about this collection is probably its subtle and sophisticated shades. This polish is perfectly wearable with formal wears. They cost Tk 475 per polish too.     

Sandy - As the name goes, this polish gives a sandy texture to your nails and is glossy matte in nature. It comes in 13 different shades and the price is Tk 500 each.

Jeans - This one is my favourite of the lot. Costing 500 each, this collection is all 'denim' in texture in the 6 shades it comes in. It's definitely the best pick for denim lovers.  

Matte Top Coat - You can add a professional matte finish to your polished nails with this wrap up product. 
Need an Extension?

Growing nails is an arduous task that requires a few weeks of patience and vigilance over your precious fingers and toes. Extensions and artificial nails are the boons from nail heavens that can ease your pain.

UV Gel Nails - These extensions are done using a UV gel kit that consists of UV gel liquid, primer, gel cleaner, brush and brush cleaner. In addition, you have to buy a UV lamp to complete the nail making process. Nail gel is applied and exposed under UV light when dry which helps to create these extensions that last about a month. Although the process is slightly lengthy, the outcome is absolutely worth it. The entire set including the lamp costs Tk 35,000. You can also get UV gel nails done at the shop for Tk 5000.

UV Gel Polish - These pricy yet totally chic polishes are priced between Tk 1250 and 1500 and with their vibrant colours and smooth glossy textures, they have what it takes to take lead of the upcoming generation of nail polishes.  

Acrylic Nails - Acrylic powder, solution, brush, primer, cleanser, filer and remover are the prime contents of this set. The set costs about Tk 8000-10,000. The steps are easier, less time consuming. Make sure to clean up your nails well before you start. Apply the primer on your nails first and mix the acrylic powder with the solution in a container. Next you have to dip the brush into the mixture. Start painting on your nails and voila, grow your nails with minimal fuss! These nails survive for about a month as well.  

Besides these, you can find an extensive range of false finger and toenails (painted/studded/natural) of various shapes and sizes. 

Stamp-that Nail! 

This technique requires a design plate, stamping polish and stamper. Dab on some nail polish on a specific design on the plate, press the stamper to collect the print and simply stamp it on your nail to get a finely printed intricate design. 

A lot of people think that normal polishes can be used for stamping. However, you should take note that a stamping polish has a thicker texture than a usual one and hence it's the only one that can do stamping right. 

While stamping polish, stamper and plates are also sold individually, there are also some latest unique stamping sets that may catch your eye. 

Happy - A segment of the 'Konad-Barabapa' series, this set includes a square image plate, jelly stamper and two stamping polishes (black+white).    

Honeymoon - It has the same content as the former set; the only difference is the image plate which has a different set of patterns.

These sets cost Tk 2500 each. 

T-Set - This is the most popular stamping set that comes with a round plate, stamp scrapper, two 5 ml. stamping polishes (black+white) and a clear top coat. Its popularity is linked to its affordability (costs Tk 1800) and also if you get one of these sets, you can just add individual plates and expand your stamping collection.  

Besides these new arrivals and popular picks, you can also buy stamping tools separately. Polishes cost between Tk 275-550, while square and round plates cost Tk 1000 and 350 accordingly. Demo plates, having 250 designs cost Tk 7500 and Collection plates contain about half of the patterns (120 to be precise) and cost Tk 4500.

Adorn your Nails

Numerous nail accessories are now available to absolutely redefine your nail look. Embellish your nails with cute stickers, rhinestones, metal chains, glitters and real dried flowers to make them look even more elegant. 

Furthermore, you can use nail art pens, powders, dotting tools and sponges to create your own nail art masterpiece. 

F Trends also sells latex peel off tape that prevents your nail polish from getting on your skin during application. 

Nail Care

While adorning your nails with the most gorgeous elements is important, taking care of your nails and keeping them healthy is mandatory

Nail Hardener - Maintaining long nails is difficult and 'nailbreak' is imminent. This item hardens soft nails in the long run and prevents them from breaking frequently in the future.

Cuticle Oil - When applied regularly, this oil helps to moisturise the cuticle, nail and surrounding skin regions, giving them a healthier appearance. 

Cuticle Remover - This remover clears out the cuticles and dirt on the nails, making it feel fresh and allowing it to grow out healthily.

Nail art noobs can also get their nails/nail art done at the shop to get the first taste of how it's all done. Nail art services cost Tk 300 per hand. 

Besides its nail art products, F Trends also sells a vast range of Konad cosmetics including globally renowned makeup, skincare and hair care products. 

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